This is a Good News

“Actually I love books. I buy books regularly, even subscribe to several magazines. But I’m running a hectic lifestyle, you see. I used to read everyday, you know, especially on the weekends. But now, I can’t help take my eyes off the cellphone and running the tip of my finger on it. Of course my … Continue reading This is a Good News

Stories Help

Humans are creatures of stories. We love listening to stories as well as telling them. Stories pervade every aspect of our lives, whether it be mythology, gossip, daydreams, news, autobiography, history, or fiction. Telling stories in particular seems to be a distinctively our trait, and to my knowledge none of other species has it. It is … Continue reading Stories Help

Attaining Moral Virtue through History

Many people know Xenophon was a historian for his wide range of work in history. He wrote “The Expedition of Cyrus” and completed Thucydides’ unfinished history of the “Peloponnesian War.” As Socrates’ disciple, he wrote a version of the defence speech Socrates delivered at his trial, and a lively account of a symposium at which … Continue reading Attaining Moral Virtue through History

If That’s All There is, Then Let’s Keep Dancing

Many people say that one of the most fundamental philosophical problems is this: finding the meaning of existence. Yes, you are correct that Albert Camus tried to explain the meaning of existence in all of his works. And if you understood his explanation was perhaps a little depressing, you are not mistaken. Camus thought that … Continue reading If That’s All There is, Then Let’s Keep Dancing